5 Content Strategies for Boring Brands (Content Marketing Institute)

As you set out marketing your services, you may think that “Translation” is not an overly ‘exciting’ topic for your Target Market. Take a look at this post, and others on the same “Content Marketing Institute” blog. Just search for ‘Boring brands’ (Top/Right)

“If people aren’t talking about you, they’re not talking about you for a reason. And the reason isn’t that they dislike you. They’re not talking about you because you’re boring.” ~ Seth Godin

The formidable challenge for marketers of boring brands is that you have to present content that is remarkable and interesting even when your product—on the face of it—is not.

So, how should you get people to take interest in a boring brand? (Read On!/)

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Translator Power Page on Facebook!

We now have a brand-new Translator Power Page on Facebook! This is the newborn member of the Translator Power Network, together with the Translator Power Group, also on Facebook

Translator Power

Please join both the Group and the Page and let’s make them truly awesome venues for Translators, Interpreters, and other related professionals.

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Translation Jobs And Golden Opportunities

Translation jobsIn need of more translation jobs or interpreter jobs? This website offers practical tips and secrets for translators and interpreters to attract more quality jobs and high paying clients and maximize your income potential.

Whether you are a beginner or a long-time pro, a Hebrew English translator or an English to Chinese translator, you are always hunting for the next project or doing everything you can to attract more clients.

But there are a few hard realities you are facing:

  • You often have to work on translation jobs with tight deadlines.
  • The translation business is not always stable for freelancers. You may have to work long hours and sacrifice your personal life sometimes; other times you may have little or no work and your income, well, let’s just say disappointing.
  • To compete for translator jobs, you often have to undersell your service and work for peanuts.
  • You always worry about not having enough quality jobs as a freelancer.
  • There seems to be a very low expection as to how much a translator can make regardless how busy you are.

But you are told this is the nature of the business. Is it really?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Sure, most people have entered the business because they love translating and languages. They are not in it for the money. But the truth is, if your translation jobs don’t generate enough profit for you, it is just a hobby. If money is not an issue for you, great – you are one of the lucky few.

However if this is your business, your way of living, you need to make itprofitable. You need to find a long-term sustainable solution to these problems I mentioned above.

Just because others are struggling doesn’t mean you have to be too.

How did I know? Well, I have been there. Translation was my business and my way of living. I simply had to make it work. I tried things and some worked, some didn’t.

So I’m going to share my own experience with you on this website. Going through this website, you will learn:

1. How to change your mindset from just surviving to thriving and make your freelance business extremely profitable

2. How to avoid common mistakes many translators make and end the fest and famine syndrome you’re currently experiencing (Yes, it’s time to get quality translation jobs consistently and constituously)

3. How to position your freelance business for success and where to find your ideal potential clients in simple steps

4. How to use low-cost marketing tools such as social media sites to build credibility and reach your ideal clients in large numbers and inexpensively 

(Read On!

What do you say?

Amadou M. Sall

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The Translator Power Group on Facebook!

Have you lately visited The Translator Power Group on Facebook? If not, go there right now, you’ll be glad you did!


Click this Link: Translator Power Group on Facebook and enjoy yourself!

Voice your opinions there, or here on the Translator Power Blog…

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Tip for marketers: English isn’t everyone’s first language

There are 54.1 million Hispanics in the United States. That’s 17% of the population. Back in 1970, they made up only 2% of the population which makes them one of the fastest growing racial /ethnic groups in America.Our-Life-300x181 Of that 54.1 million, 35 million speak Spanish at home and 38% say Spanish is their dominant language. But in a recent survey of senior-level content marketers, 49% said they never translate English marketing content into Spanish. It’s one thing to speak only English here at home, but that same survey from Smartling reveals that 70% of marketers use only English-language content even when they’re marking outside of the United States. How big of a problem is this? Honestly, it varies. 63% of those surveyed said that between six and 50 percent of their customers are located outside of the US. (Read on! )

Your comments?

Amadou M. Sall

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How to Integrate Psychology Into Your Marketing (from Neil Patel’s “Quicksprout”)


How do you market your company? You probably try to optimize your site for search engines, try some content and social media marketing, test out a few paid ad sources, and maybe even focus on conversion optimization.

Although those tactics can help you boost your sales, you shouldn’t focus all of your time on traffic generating strategies. One of the most effective ways you can boost your sales is to integrate psychology into your marketing.

But before I get into how you can leverage psychology, lets first define it:

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context.

Now that we are all on the same page, here is how you can integrate psychology within your marketing:

Tactic #1: Get people to commit before committing

Let me explain what I mean here. There are two ways to think about a commitment within your online business. The obvious one is a customer buying your product or service. The less obvious one is to get the customer to be mentally prepared to buy from you.

If you get your visitors mentally prepared to make a purchase on your site, they are much more likely to complete the purchase. And the easiest way to do this is through their website copy.

A good example of this is Unleash Your Thin. Dr. Jonny Bowden uses this copy on his checkout page to get you to commit to the purchase:

unleash your thin

Jonny is really smart because not only is he getting you in the mindset of buying, but he is getting you to grasp that there is little to no risk committing because he will refund you your money if you are unhappy. Plus he added a “check box” to give you the feeling that you’ve already checked the box and approved buying the product.

Unleash Your Thin isn’t the only company that is doing this, Gym Junkies, used similar messaging with their software application and were able to increase sales by 16%

Tactic #2: Future pace

The real estate industry is well known for future pacing their customers. Real estate agents will constantly drop lines like “when you have a BBQ in your new home, make sure you invite me”… even before you make an offer on a home.

What they are trying to do is have you focus on the future outcome and not the purchase. Once you get hooked on all of the things that will happen if you go through with the purchase, you will be more likely to make the purchase.

You can also do this online with your marketing copy. Here’s a good example of how we do this at Crazy Egg:

(Read the Whole post on Quicksprout)

Your comments on this?

Amadou M. Sall

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Saint-Louis, Senegal All-inclusive Weekend Trip (3 days/2 nights)! « Delta Safari International

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