Translator Power Paradox or The Translator’s Hidden Powers

The translator’s power lies in latency

This is just a fancy way of saying that a good translation must not read like… a translation

The translator is only powerful when he/she disappears and his/her motto should be: the more inconspicuous, the better

In the case of an interpreter, the two communicating partners should not even feel his/her presence.

Translating is very much like impersonating, you play a part, very much like an actor, you are sometimes an engineer, sometimes a medical doctor, sometimes an IT expert, an accountant, a banker, a politician, etc…

Translation requires empathy and EQ (emotional Intelligence), on top of a reasonaly high IQ, of course 🙂

The translator gets the script in one language and produces it (says it, plays it out) in another language.

Now, don’t let this put you off seeking Maximum Visibility and Maximum Audibility in your target audience when you market :-)!

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