From Freelancer to Entrepreneur – How I Did it

I was just like many other freelance translators

Got all my jobs through networking and referrals, for many years (did I mention I’ve been “in the trenches” since 1972!)

I didn’t “market”, didn’t even know it was really necessary

That was looong before the Internet

Then, with the Net, I started posting my profile on Translation Portals and Directories, applying for jobs with Translation Agencies

It took me quite some time to realize translation was just a business (even if it is a “one-man-show”) that needed to be “marketed” like any other business

I read all the marketing books I could lay my hands on

I learned, and learned, and learned – and I’m still learning because “learning never ends”

But NOW I KNOW marketing is necessary, so I market profusely and proactively

I even know that rather than a translator marketing his translation service, I am a marketer who happens to be selling (or marketing) translation services
Of course, this doesn’t mean I’ve stopped loving translation, languages, and language in general. That is my Passion, like your first and eternal love to which you always return, even after the vicissitudes (a long word, that one!) of life have turned you away from it.

Enough with the melodrama, now 🙂

Anyway, now I spend a lot of time working ON my business rather than IN it (I normally don’t like clichĂ©s but this one still makes sense)

This has allowed me to leverage my marketing knowledge and know-how

1. to get more clients than I could handle on my own, which has led me to start a Translation Agency (

2. market other products/services than translation (infoproducts like health and self-development products for example)

3. advise on how to market translation/interpreting services as well as other services (marketing coaching and consulting)

… in other words, I have upgraded myself from freelancer to full-blown entrepreneur

And now, the sky’s the limit…!

Your comments?

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