Article marketing

(This is part of an article I wrote some time ago about marketing through article writing. I’ll give you the other parts later)

As a marketer, you must absolutely study and know your audience inside out. Noone can do this for you.

Here are the main elements of an article:

1) A compelling title

You know what you audience is interested in, don’t you? Well, mention it in the title, and if possible even mention your audience,
ex. How SMBs can successfully invest in China
or Freelancers–How to Beat the “Feast and Famine Syndrome” in 3 months

Since “what you audience is interested in” is precisely the keyword they type into the search engine searchbox, the article will be quickly indexed by search engines and easily found by eager searchers

2) Say what you’re going to say, say it, and then say you’ve said it (intro, body, conclusion)

3) Call to action (in the byline)

You can structure your article in many different ways, but the 3-part structure is probably the most efficient

Ex. The problem
    The situation before the problem is solved
    The situation after the problem has been solved

or: Tips (intro, tips, conclusion)

or: story, problem, solution

In your byline, always clearly state what action you want the reader to take: visit a website or a blog, claim a course, sign up for an ezine, etc.

So, to communicate with and persuade your audience that you are THE expert and authority, you must publish high quality articles on the right topics and for the right audience

In other articles, we go into the details of article writing, market research, niche marketing, etc.

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