Translators Are Natural Marketers – but they Don’t Know it!

Here is something you probably never even suspected: as a translator, you are also a language (or words) expert, and marketing is essentially a way of using language (or words) to persuade people to take action and because of this, the transition from translator to marketer should be nice and smooth and easy for you…

All good marketers know that the cornerstone of good marketing is to speak to your Target Marget in their own language. As Roman Statesman Cicero said, over 2000 years ago: “If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings, and speak my words” (Quoted in the Feb 22, 2007 issue of “Copyblogger”)

You must think, feel and speak “from the perspective of the prospect, not as a vendor”

Isn’t this exactly what happens whenever you are immersed in a foreign language/culture you are really familiar with: foreign thoughts, foreign feelings, foreign words?

Because of your natural linguistic/cultural talent and flexibility, you’ll find it easy to identify the language and culture (or subculture) of your Target Market and then learn it, just as you learn a foreign language and culture.

So you see, you have a huge advantage over ‘pure’ marketers and copywriters: they often lack linguistic nuance and finesse, which are the preserve of multilingual people.

As a good translator, you also have empathy and brain plasticity – almost by definition

Now, add a little bit of psychology to your linguistic ability, plus the tools of the trade, shake, and… lo and behold! You have now become a master of persuasion, an expert marketer

Listen, “If you’re smart enough to be a translator and/or an interpreter, then you’re smart enough to do your own marketing”

Please, hurry up and acquire the necessary mindset and tools that will make you an outstanding marketer.

If you don’t, you’ll simply waste your natural – though yet latent – talent for marketing!

THAT would be a real tragedy!

By the way, do you know I’m just putting the ‘finishing touches’ to my ‘Insider Guide to Marketing Your Translation Services’? Don’t worry, just keep in touch, you’ll be the first to know when it comes out!

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Meanwhile, click here to get your 7-Part ecourse on “Marketing Your Translation Services through Press Releases”. You’ll be glad you did!

Oh, I almost forgot to add this: Translators are also natural ‘actors’: they are quite able to assume totally different personae (but they don’t know it) – and THAT is another story altogether, or is it?


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