Globalization, France, “Chindia Revolution”, etc. – An Endless Stream of New Opportunities for Translators!


According to Forbes “Another way the French economy is keeping up with the 21st century is by opening its doors to foreign investors–and businesses are entering eagerly. Major corporations such as the British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (nyse: GSK – news – people ) and the U.S. express delivery service provider FedEx (nyse:FDX – news – people ) have already set up shop in France.

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, foreign direct investment in France was up nearly 40%, to $88 billion, in 2006. Some 40,000 new jobs were created as a result of foreign projects. The United States is the leading foreign investor in France, with corporate investments valued at $171 billion, supporting almost 550,000 French jobs. About $1 billion worth of commercial transactions occur between the U.S. and France every business day.”

Forbes also tells how China and India have benefited from Globalization in Why Globalization is Good”


“Foreign direct investment… has helped drive China’s gross domestic product to a more than tenfold increase since 1978. Since the reforms started, $600 billion has flooded into the country, $70 billion of it in the past year. Foreigners built hundreds of thousands of new factories as the Chinese government built the coal mines, power grid, airports and highways to supply them.”


“Today…the lumbering Elephant (India) now is in a trot, growing more than 7% annually for the last decade. In 2005, borrowing from the Chinese, India began a five-year, $150 billion plan to update its roads, airports, ports and electric plants. India is creating free trade zones, like those in China, to encourage exports of software, apparel, auto parts and more.”

Global Communication

But globalization does not only benefit countries; translators must also seize the opportunity because business is first and foremost communication, and they are the people who make communication possible.

Always remember you are, by definition, the facilitators of Global Communication!

Advice: keep abreast of current affairs and always make sure you know “what’s going on”. For example, go to register for free!

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