GILT and Tech Resources for Translators

You should sign up for Jost Zetzsche’s ‘The Tool Kit’, which he himself defines as “A biweekly newsletter for people in the translation industry who want to get more out of their computers.”

In the latest issue, Jost mentions GALA’s new ‘Carreers’ website and this is what he says about it: “It’s a rather unique site for job seekers and employers in the realms of translation, localization, and tech writing to connect. There are a good number of job openings right now. Especially for newcomers to the translation field, I think it’s often a good idea to work in-house for a few years before starting a freelance career. That’s what I did, and while my eyes still burn from many worked-through nights, it exposed me to technologies and processes that I would never have seen as a freelance translator.”

I have visited the site and I think you should, too. Even maybe follow Jost’s advice and try your hand at working in-house for some time before you set up shop as a freelance translator, especially if you feel you’re not ready yet for freelance work!

By the way, GALA stands for the ‘Globalization and Localization Association’. Whatever you decide, remember to register at least as a free member. There’s literally a bumper crop of resources on GILT (Globalization Internationalization Localization Translation), including hundreds of articles.

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