Globalization is Here to Stay and the Future of Translation is Bright!

Globalization is definitely here to stay. Always be poised to seize new opportunities as they spring. The interactive world is going more and more global. Says Rohit Bhargava of Social Media Optimization (SMO) fame: “Ad-Tech is one of the biggest shows in the interactive world and the San Francisco event is probably their flagship location…
Being global is a reality – More than any other show I went to recently, Ad-tech has a global feel to it in the people that are attending from other countries, as well as the focus of several of the sessions. A colleague from OgilvyOne in China will be participating in a panel on Asia-Pacific later today which I am looking forward to attending. In conversations, people are also thinking more broadly about how tools are evolving in different countries and how social networks are growing beyond national confines.” (Influential Interactive Marketing)

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3 Responses to Globalization is Here to Stay and the Future of Translation is Bright!

  1. numenokh says:

    Hi Sall,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m an Arabic translator myself, and I touched upon this subject on my website, in an article titled “Arabic Language Translation : A Great Career and A Promising Opportunity”…

    Globalization is definitely here to stay. And for us, translators, this is going to be the most exciting and, hopefully, profitable time we’ll ever have had since the Golden Ages of translation 🙂

    All the best,


  2. Thanks a lot for your great, uplifting comment. I’ve also looked at your article. It’s awesome! Insightful, well argumented, well researched. I was so enthusiastic I immediately “dugg” it!

    Congratulations, thanks a lot and keep on contributing to Translator Power: we really need people like you!


    Amadou M. Sall


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