Selling Translation Services is Not Like Selling Groceries

(A short extract from my upcoming “Insider Guide to the Strategic Marketing of Translation Services“)

You must understand that selling translation services is not like selling groceries. Most of the time, you are in a “complex sale” situation.

It is a situation in which you have to demontrate your expertise to thwart all attempts at commoditization, and attract still more business. This is how you will build your reputation in your target market.

You will be the logical solution for anyone who has a problem in your target market. Now you are not selling services, you are selling value.

In a complex sale situation, you must first generate leads, strike up a conversation with your prospects, be patient. This as different from a hastily slapped-together “campaign.”

You must identify, initiate, and cultivate relationships with the right people, regardless of their timing to buy, until they are ready to buy.

You must provide educational content, then follow up, with phone calls for example. Remember you are a trusted advisor, and not just a vendor keen on signing a contract.

  • What did they think of your content?
  • What else did they need?
  • Did they want any more relevant and educational content?

Those are some of the questions you will have to find answers to, if you want to succeed in a “complex sale” situation.

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