Proactive and Strategic Translation Service Marketing – How to Read the News

Like anyone else, you read the news, just to be informed, to know what’s going on both locally, nationally, and I hope, internationally.

OK, it’s good to be well-informed, but what use is it? There is nothing wrong with being a “news junkie”, but it is much better if you can derive some “professional profit” from your passion.

Now I invite you to change the way you read the news, change your focus and constantly, almost instinctively look for opportunities. Let this be second, or even “first nature” to you.

Sometimes, opportunities literally “leap to the eye” (see for example this post)

In other cases, you have to dig deep to unearth the opportunity.

Listen to this: you’ve been thinking, or rather dreaming of buying this cool red car. Suddenly, all the cars on the road seem to be red cars, the same as the one you’ve been thinking about! In the same way, if you decide to watch out for certain words (for example “translation”, globalization”, “going global”, etc.), those words will seem to leap out of the text, whether in print or on your computer screen.

I guess you are now like Google’s robots when they spot a juicy, mouth-watering, well-distributed, keyword or key phrase 🙂

As you will soon realize, if you persistently look out for certain words and phrases, you will see them all over the place. All you have to do is stick out your hand and seize the opportunity!

However sometimes things are not that obvious. You have to dig deep before you see the opportunity.

But this is for another post.

All this is part of being proactive and strategic in marketing your translation services.

Don’t just sit and wait for Lady Luck.

Ferret out all possible opportunities and even… “create” opportunities! Ex nihilo! Like a husky demigod, or, better still, like the proverbial Deus ex Machina!

ProAct and Strategize! Don’t allow yourself to be a dimunitive toy in the huge, hoary hands of Destiny, that erratic, desultory beast (didn’t you know I am a poet of sorts 🙂

P.S. You may be wondering whether .gov should use interpreters/translators for Queen Elisabeth II’s visit to GWB. An interesting question: Is there mutual intelligibility between “Texan English” and “The Queen’s English” 🙂 (Check out this website for British, though maybe not typically “Queen’s”, English!)

P.P.S. Don’t worry, here in Translator Power, we’ll always stay vigilant and work together with you to discover (or “create”!) new opportunities. If you discover an opportunity you cannot use yourself, why not tell your colleagues about it. All you have to do is comment or, if you feel too shy for that ;-), write to me (click on A.M.Sall, top right of this page, to get my email address. Just put “Translator Power” in the subject line) and I’ll post it for you!


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