Target Marketing Your Translation Services

Let’s look at 2 ways you can use Direct Mail to target your marketing: Geographic Target Marketing and Customer Target Marketing.

These 2 techniques, also known as Testimonial Marketing (Dan Kennedy) can be extremely effective in getting you clients very quickly. They can be implemented as soon as you have your first satisfied client

They are based on the following reasoning: “if a client similar to you was satisfied with my service, you are probably going to be satisfied as well.” In your mailing, you mention the name of the satisfied client and if possible provide proof (pictures, comment, list of work done or being done, if there is no confidentiality issue, etc.).

Ask them to contact your satisfied client. Here you are trying to boost your credibility. You can even ask your satisfied client if you can use them as a reference. They will most probably agree. After all, why should they refuse, haven’t you OVERdelivered 🙂

A. Geographic Target Marketing

Prepare a mailing to all the other firms in the same area (same building, same City, same State, same country, etc.) showing and telling that you have a given firm as satisfied client and offering your services.

If your satisfied client is well known in the geographic location, that will be a plus for you.

Remember the call to action i.e. tell your prospect exactly what you want them to do, for example “call you immediately for more information”

Your satisfied client’s geographic proximity will make it easier for your prospects to trust you.

Also remember to follow up with a phone call or even a personal visit if you are in the same town, or an email. Don’t worry, this will not be considered as spam. Of course I’m not encouraging you to spam, but it is a fact that spam is much less frowned upon in B2B than in B2C communications. After all, you may have bought their email address from a list-broker, which, as far as I know is still perfectly legal.

Just make sure you have a nice subject line to ensure that your intended recipient actually gets and opens your email. This is just an inquiry and it should be very short (Did they receive your mail? Did they want more information? etc). If they are interested, they will respond.

B. Customer Target Marketing

The same as geographic targeting, except that the first sentence becomes:

Prepare a mailing to all the other firms of the same type showing and telling that you have a given firm as satisfied client (if possible include pictures, comment, a list of types of work done or being done) offering your services.

This is about “firms of the same type” and has nothing to do with geography. They may be in totally different countries but share the same industry or sector or sub-sector…

This is one good way to showcase your specialty by throwing in some sharp, industry-specific remarks, which will make you appear as an expert of sorts, even an “insider”. Let them feel you know what you’re talking about.

For example: IT firms, renewable energy firms, medical and pharmaceutical, legal, etc.

N.B. Our upcoming “Insider Guide” will examine all this (Direct Mail) in “excruciating” detail 🙂

Try these 2 techniques and tell us what happens. Or just tell us what you think. Come on, let’s get the conversation going!

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1 Response to Target Marketing Your Translation Services

  1. bigrockford says:

    I have developed a software program to help people with geographic marketing. It is a database script that can take existing customer addresses and search for the 30 closest neighbors to each address. Most database can be verified and queried for less than $.20 per neighbor address. I would love to find some people to use the software and test the results.

    Lance Brown
    Big Rockford Marketing


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