Marketing Your Translation Services through Press Releases – Part II

The difference between Advertising and Publicity.

Advertising is something you create, pay for and control. Publicity is something someone else writes or says about you when you do something good, noteworthy or interesting. Of course you can write it yourself, but then you should always talk about yourself in the 3rd person.

Press Releases (or more precisely News Releases) are one way of getting publicity.

Anyone with a story to tell can get publicity.

Needless to say, as regards maximum visibility, publicity can be much more effective than advertising.

You build a brand (image) with publicity and then maintain it with advertising

Publicity is more credible than advertising, it is often free, people are tired of ads, and they want information

B. Some practical PR advice

1. Be consistent,

2. Submit, submit, submit…
3. Become “The Authority” on your subject. “Understand the” trends and aims of your profession

4. Offer your services at various community events

5. Network, especially where the press might be looking

6. Always remember reporters’ names

7. Be 100% Reliable

8. Refer people in your field to reporters

9. Follow Up – ALWAYS send thank you notes for any interview or story a paper or station runs

10. Always remain in control of the interview

11. Don’t be afraid to create news – look for the angles that will fascinate the general public and become the authority in those areas.

Tomorrow, we’ll show you how to write a News Release and as an example, we’ll tell you about how Sheila Anderson‘s friend, Valerie Chen (English/Chinese translator/interpreter) got hundreds of leads through ONE News Release she wrote.

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