Current Global Marketplace Trends Open up New Opportunities for Translators!

Have you been watching trends on the global scene lately? If you are a medical/pharmaceutical translator/interpreters, you should be all smiles!

About Asia (China, Singapore, South Korea), check out this article

Obviously this is not just for people who use English as source or target language. For example, if your language pair is Spanish/Chinese, or German/Chinese, or Dutch/Korean, etc. (the possiblitilties are endless) you can try your luck! (Well I suppose you know some English, since you are reading this 🙂

The other opportunities are in Africa, that much-maligned, sleeping giant…

An article in explodes prevailing myths and prejudices about doing business in Africa. They quote Hansen and his co-founder, CEO, and wife, Petra Krauledat of PointCare (their product, a device called the “Aurica flow cytometer”, is used to measure CD4 levels in HIV patients and retails at $10,000 apiece).

She (Krauledat) says most African nations are better than Russia, which invited the company to make a presentation on its equipment and then told them it would take six months just to get a visa.

Hansen says there’s a huge reward for those who go to Africa.

They also learned that many of their preconceived notions were false. The roads in many regions, for example, are quite good, and corruption isn’t as systemic as stereotypes suggest.”

Anyway, to cut a long story short, there are huge opportunities in Africa. Even though there are hundreds of local languages (still a market for translators/interpreters who specialize in those languages), business is very often conducted in English, French, Portuguese, plus Arabic in the North. All these languages can be combined into various pairs (English/French, Portuguese/English, Arabic/Portuguese, etc.)

Do your market research. It’s easy to know what companies are doing business in the medical/pharmaceutical sector in both Asia and Africa (Yellow Pages, Search Engines, US or other countries’ Departments of Commerce, local embassies, etc.)

So, what are you waiting for 🙂


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