Translator Power is 6 Months Old!

Translator Power is 6 months old.

As you know, our tagline is: “Empowering Translators: From Freelancer to Entrepreneur – Opportunities, Marketing, Resources” Quite a mouthful, really 😉

This tagline gives us focus. And we always try to make sure we ‘toe the line’, as they used to say in old-style, 20th Century Communist Parties!

What does this mean?

Empowering translators: Translators must gain awareness of their importance and ‘power’. As I like to say (will you allow me to quote myself :-): “Without translators, Civilization would be impossible and the world would literally ‘grind to a halt'”

From Freelancer to Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurship is a state of mind, more than anything else. So we help you make this great shift, psychologically, strategically, tactically, and in all other respects

Opportunities: we help you watch out for, identify and seize all possible opportunities, on the local, domestic and global marketplaces.

Marketing: Translation is a business and marketing is at the very heart of every business; it is literally its raison d’etre. Business would be impossible without marketing – even if you don’t call it ‘marketing’

So let’s just say that marketing is anything that connects you with your market(s)

Resources: We make sure we ferret out all possible and available resources concerning the marketing of translation/interpreting services, our profession, our industry, GILT, our markets, going global, entrepreneurship, etc.

All translators and/or interpreters as well as all those who are – closely or even remotely – connected to our profession and industry are invited and welcome to contribute to the growth of Translator Power.

The Translator Power Network is expanding, slowly but surely. There is a Mailing List and the Community website is almost ready.

We keep this blog alive by posting 3 or 4 times a week, sometimes more (remember we are also running a Translation Agency, but that’s another story!)

Let’s build Translator Power together: all you have to do is comment on the blog, get on the Mailing List for updates on whatever happens on the Network (for example our upcoming ‘Insider Guide to the Strategic Marketing of Translation Services‘), and also get ready to join the Community website (I don’t want to ‘spill the beans’, but I can tell you it will be something like MySpace, YouTube… all combined, and specifically designed for translators/interpeters)

Warmest greetings


P.S. Many of you have tried to sign up for our Free 7-Part PR ecourse, but the link had some problems. We are very sorry. But we’ve fixed everything: we’ve turned the ecourse into a free downloadable PDF and all you have to do is visit this link and instantly download it!


Subscribe to Translator Power and successfully market your translation/interpreting services either by Email or if you prefer the feed, just look on your left and make your choice!



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