Sunday is “Translator Experience Day”

From now on, Sunday will be “Translator Experience Day” here, on your Translator Power blog.

We’ll tell you about the various experiences of Sheila Anderson, her friend and colleague Valerie Chen, and their other colleagues, especially how they market their services and also some episodes of their lives as translators/interpreters.

Going back to last Sunday’s post, let’s see what marketing strategies and tactics Sheila Anderson used to get her first client, turn her into a sincere evangelist for her services,  and then go on marketing her services.

  • She always remained vigilant and on the alert, always ready to seize opportunities (IG. page 16)
  • She learned everything about her client’s company and industry (IG. Part III.)
  • She identified her niche and worked to dominate it (IG. page 18)
  • She built her relationship with her client and they eventually became friends (IG. page 24)
  • Because of her deep knowledge of the client’s company and business, she became much more than a simple “hit and run” translator, but rather, a “trusted advisor”. And her client became much more than a simple client, but rather a true “evangelist” (IG. page 25)
  • She implemented the “1st Client Principle” (IG. page 30)
  • Networking (IG. page 50)
  • Referrals (IG. page 53)
  • Geographic Target Marketing (IG. page 59)
  • She put up her own website (IG. 62)

As you can see, all these points are covered in our upcoming “Insider Guide to the Strategic Marketing of Translation Services“, on the pages shown above (IG. means “Insider Guide”) . The Insider Guide is due very shortly. If you want to be the First to Know when it comes out, then all you have to do is just click on this link to join the Translator Power Mailing List.


P.S. Many of you have tried to sign up for our Free 7-Part PR ecourse, but the link had some problems. We are very sorry. But we’ve fixed everything: we’ve turned the ecourse into a free downloadable PDF and all you have to do is visit this link and instantly download it!


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