Sheila-and-Val’s All-out Assault on the Steel Industry

(Like every Sunday, today is another “Translator Experience Day“. We bring you an episode in the lives of translators Sheila Anderson, Valerie Chen and some of their friends and colleagues)

“Hey, Val, listen to this!” said Sheila as they were having a cup of coffee in her home.. And she started to read aloud: “Demand for steel is flourishing right now… after all, not only is it used in the developing of these cranes – but in the buildings… power plants… highways and bridges that are being erected… “The Sears Tower in Chicago, the nation’s tallest building, contains 76,000 tons of steel. The Twin Towers in New York used 200,000 tons of steel. Can you doubt that there’s money to make when steel demand goes up?” says Free Market Investor’s Christopher Hancock…”

Sheila paused, looked at her friend and added: “This is from yesterday’s issue of a newsletter called ‘Today’s Daily Reckoning’. Now, Val, why don’t we get our share of all this money?”

“You mean we should invest, buy stocks in all those steel companies?”

“No, not necessarily, even though that would not be a bad idea. No, I mean through translation and interpreting! Now do you realize most of the steel imported into the US comes from countries like Germany, China, Taiwan, Sweden, Turkey…”

“Stop, did I hear ‘Germany, China, Taiwan’? I see what you’re driving at!”

Sheila was in a warlike mood. When she spoke, she did not really shout, but you could feel that excitement, that intensity, that passion in her voice. “Val, these people need translators and interpreters. They need US! YOU and ME, no one else! Let’s launch an all-out assault on Steel! You take on China and Taiwan, I take on Germany!”

“Now, wait a minute. First I’ll have to brush up my “Traditional”, which is what they use in Taiwan. I am more used to “Simplified”, the mainland version. And those people probably already have their own translators and interpreters…”

But Sheila was not even listening. She was a general, getting her battle plan ready!

“First, research, Val, research, that’s what we’ll have to do. And seriously!”

In fact she had started researching even before Val came to her house. She talked about the “American Iron and Steel Institute” and how the “steel links” page on their website ( was as she put it “A real Goldmine”…

then she moved on to the “Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA, with its 39 North American companies that operate 125 steel plants and employ approximately 40,000 people. Plus six international steel company members in countries outside of North America, comprising a total membership of 45 steel companies, worldwide, as well as 107 Associate Member companies operating worldwide that supply goods and services to the steel industry.”

And then the “International Iron and Steel Institute” ( …

Sheila was breathless. Now she was carrying on about “finished products”, “semi-finished products”, “flat steel products”, “long steel products”, mini-mills …

Val smiled and said: “Cool, Iron Girl, cool!”

Overnight, Sheila seemed to have grown into an expert on the steel industry. She spoke with such authority that Val was dumbfounded!

She fired her desktop computer and showed it all to Val Chen

(To be continued next Sunday)


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