Resource of the Week – Joao Roque Dias, a True Giant of a Translator!

I am going to tell you about a translator, a great man.

Joao Roque Dias is both a Mechanical Engineer and a Technical Translator, with over 19 years of experience in the translation of technical and engineering materials. His Source Languages are: English (first preference), French and Spanish and his Target Language: European Portuguese (By the way, did you know European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese are now considered as 2 different languages?)

But the real reason I am telling you about J.R Dias is the gigantic work he has been doing for freelance translators. His website is awesome. I would call it a “gold mine” if the expression was not overused. Maybe we can say “diamond mine” or “platinum mine” (after all those 2 metals are more precious than gold :-): over 7000 translation links. But the most impressive feat is a list of 1513 freelance translators websites, yes, 1513 freelance translators’ websites!

Go and visit J.R Dias’ site, you’ll learn a lot from it, including how to build your own site as a freelance translator/interpreter

If you are working on a translation, take a short break (it’s always good to take short breaks :)) and rush there. If you have nothing to do, that’s still better: go there and spend at least 2 or 3 hours learning.

You won’t regret it!

Now, what are you WAITING for?


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5 Responses to Resource of the Week – Joao Roque Dias, a True Giant of a Translator!

  1. pbayle says:

    I know his site, it’s excellent. 🙂 Yours is quite helpful (by the way, diamonds are not a metal, although in some places they are mined too).



  2. Muchísimas gracias, Pilar. Of course you’re right: diamonds are not metals, they are precious stones!
    Thanks a lot for your contribution.



  3. paulagoes says:

    Hello! Thanks for the kind comments on Talqualmente!

    A line of your post made me most intrigued: when you said that European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese are now considered two different languages. I have heard the very opposite, very recently! If my sources are right, the far fetched unification of the Portuguese languages among the 8 main speaker countries will come into force next year…


  4. I’ve just checked out with an expert, Joao Roque Dias. This is what he had to say (also please make sure you visit the link he gives at the end of his comment):

    1. It is perhaps a little inaccurate to say that European and Brazilian Portuguese are 2 different languages “per se”.
    In due time, they will be, I have no doubt about that.

    2. For the time being, it is the same language separated by an ocean and a lot more: lexicon, grammar, spelling, but above all, usage. Portuguese has had different history paths in Brazil and in Portugal, and that shows in the two versions of the language.

    3. Differences are much deeper than, e.g., British and American English.

    4. Interesting reading about this subject, in this page of my website:


  5. paulagoes says:

    Oh, thanks for replying!

    I see… I know they are quite different and would vote for them to be left to develop into two different languages, if you ask me…

    However, the Comunidade dos Paises de Lingua Portuguesa (Portuguese Language Nations Community) are working on a unification of all Portuguese in the world, as you can see in the link below (sorry, in Portuguese!) and the orthographic reform is on its way…

    Very brutal, indeed…



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