Translator Resource of The Week: Two Great Ladies

After last week’s ‘Giant’ (Portuguese Translator Joao Roque Dias), we have two ‘Lionesses’. Both highly experienced freelance translators, with the same language combination i.e. English/French/Dutch. I must say I love these two sites.

Chantal Wilford’s Linguabase


Michelle de Raaij’s Internet Resources for Translators

Chantal Wilford

The page that will probably most interest you as a freelance translator is the one on ‘Tips for Translators’. It is based on a book by the same title, just published by Chantal. This is how she describes that page:

“This Tips for Translators page started after I had spent a few years working as a freelance translator and thought it might be useful to some translators, especially those who are just beginning their freelance careers, to read about some of my experiences and what I have found useful. It can be very difficult to get advice or opinions when starting out in the translation business – I know, I was there once, which is why I didn’t mind taking time to share my experience in the hope it would help whoever wanted to listen… I know I would have liked some of this information when I started!”

This is a long page, on which you have 12 sections including: Top Ten Tips, Where do you find work, Contracts, Tests, Soliciting work, Mailing lists, Rates, FAQ…

I found the section on “Rates” and “Contracts” quite interesting.

The other “Lioness” is Michelle de Raaij

This lady is a walking encyclopedia! The site is chock-full of really useful links.

You have various pages titled:

Discussion: Online Forums, Mailing Lists and Usenet Newsgroups

Translators’ Associations and Organizations

Schools for Translation/Interpreting/Translation Studies

Translation Tools

General/Multilingual Resources, dictionaries, glossaries

These two sites are must-visits for any translator that want to learn as much as possible about the profession.


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