Translator Experience Day – Sheila-and-Val’s All-out Assault on the Steel Industry. Part III – The Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse

(Last Sunday’s Translator Experience Day (TED): Sheila Anderson (German/English/German translator/interpreter) and her friend Valerie Chen (Chinese/English/Chinese translator/interpreter) have decided to launched an all-out assault on the Iron and Steel industry. They’ve started to research their market using online social networking, more precisely LinkedIn. They have shortlisted 100 US SMBs”, all active in the Iron and Steel sector and all first degree contacts in their networks…)

Of the 100 SMBs, 45 were in Sheila’s network and 55 in Val’s. They were from 12 different States.

This gave them respectively and very approximately 175.000 2nd degree/900,000 3rd degree for Sheila and 250,000 2nd degree/1,000,000 3rd degree for Val to turn to just in case. 2nd and 3rd degree connections mean people who could be recommended by their 1st degree connections.

Now remember if you cultivate it well, a 1st degree connection eventually becomes a strong tie, someone you have a strong connection with, not just someone you know, but someone who knows you.

The two friends quickly realized this was the case with only about 45 of their 1st connections, 25 for Val and 20 for Sheila. They had known them for some time, between 8 months and one year and in that time they had been in contact either by email, or by phone. They had even met some of them at a party hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce.

Suddenly, Sheila had one of her ideas. She was in a “creative” mood, one of those times when she seemed to be flooded by what she called her “flashes of genius”!

“Val, remember Ron?” asked Sheila

“Sure, Ronald Wilkinson, the one with the jealous wife!”, laughed Val

“Do you know we’re real friends now, with his wife. That was easy once Eva Wilkinson realized there was nothing between her husband and me. Now, listen Val, this is what we’re going to do: Let’s use Ron as a Trojan Horse to get us into the Iron and Steel fortress!”

They were going to show Ron their list and ask him to recommend them to all those he actually knew on the list. As Sheila put it, they would “leverage” Ron’s professional, and even maybe personal relationship with those guys. And this was an extraordinary shortcut, an awesome time-saver!

As it happened, Ron was a prominent member of the National Association. To obtain a truly reinforcing and multiplying effect, they wanted him to recommend them only to those already on their list, people who already “knew” them through email exchanges or phone conversations.

Sheila and Val were going to use good old “Chamber of Commerce” networking to reinforce their online social networking strategy

(To be continued)


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