The Lonesome Expert’s Ballad!

Help! I feel lonely and I need some company!

I am the First and Only Expert on the Marketing of Translation Services!

I’ve been a professional translator for 35 years (since 1972!) so you can believe me when I tell you I know the industry inside out and outside in. I’ve also scoured the Net, hour after backbreaking hour, looking for my alter ego! But nothing, nada, rien, nitchevo, dara, hayhuunde, hakuna hata mmoja, etc. :-).

There are hundreds of experts on the marketing of accounting, lawyers’, designers’, body-builders’, car-washers’, all types of coaching, consulting, and infopreneur services!

But I have yet to meet an Expert on the Marketing of Translation Services!

Of course many books have been written on freelance translation and for freelance translators (Alex Eames, Corinne MacKay, Roger Criss, Doug Robinson, Morry Sofer, Chantal Wilford, etc.), but none, repeat not one of those books are marketing books!

I feel lonely, pretty lonesome, like the lonesome cowboy! Why don’t you join me!?

“But”, you may wonder “you must be quite happy, no competition, no contradiction, you just do your thing!”

THAT is precisely the problem: I am a social man, you see, and I love company. Niche market? This place is getting too NICHEY for my liking. Let’s get outa here 🙂

Oh Gawd, it’s so cold and lonely up here! Please join me! The more the merrier! As the French say: “Plus on est de fous, plus on rit!”

Well, maybe when my “Insider Guide to the Strategic Marketing of Translation Services” comes out, you’ll wake up, at last 😉

Meanwhile, I am up here, lonesome, but I’m no longer sad, I’m even beginning to smile, because I have a feeling I’m soon gonna have company!

“It’s cool to be First, even if you’re a bit lonely at first!”

A.M.Sall, the First and Only (so far) Expert on the Marketing of Translation Services!

P.S. We have turned the free 7-Part PR ecourse into a free downloadable PDF and all you have to do is visit this link and instantly download it!


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