Translator Experience Day – Sheila-and-Val’s All-out Assault on the Steel Industry. Part IV – The Trojan Horse (Ctd)

(Translator Experience Day (TED) 2 weeks ago: Sheila Anderson (German/English/German translator/interpreter) and her friend Valerie Chen (Chinese/English/Chinese translator/interpreter) have decided to launched an all-out assault on the Iron and Steel industry. After shortlisting 100 US SMB, all active in the Iron and Steel sector they’ve decided to use an insider, their friend Ron Wilkinson, as a Trojan Horse to get into the Iron and Steel Fortress”…)

Ron looked at the list and quickly discovered that as a prominent member of the National Association he knew most of those selected by the 2 friends.

“Today is your lucky day”, he chuckled, as he slowly went through the list, ticking off names “John B., Bill G., Bob Z….”

When he got through, they had over 80 names, people Ron was going to introduce and recommend them to, either by email or by phone for those who were not in their State (65).

Then he promised to secure appointments for them with the 15 who were close enough, either in the State or in neighboring States.

“Oh, Ron, you’re SO very nice”, Sheila gasped. She was so happy she felt like crying

Ron just smiled: “It’s my pleasure. I’m happy you’re happy”

Sheila and Val were elated and excited! Even the erstwhile rather reluctant Val was now a “true believer”.

They talked strategy, tactics, techniques. Ron’s introductions were going to “soften the target” and then all they would have to do would be “move into land assault” and finish off the job, “picking’em out” and working on them one by one!

Personal meetings, phone calls, email, good old Direct Snail Mail…

And of course they would have to get their BATNA ready, just in case they had to negotiate their way in…

The final objective was: 10 good clients immediately, and the rest to be followed up and converted later

Two very important things to remember here:

1. 45% of the list were already 1st connections on LinkedIn, (25 for Val and 20 for Sheila)

2. It’s better to have 10 clients you know very well than 100 you hardly know: Once you have a handful of really good clients, cultivate and deepen your relationships. And then expand from there.

Tune in for the next edition of Translator Experience Day (TED) to follow our two friends in their exhilarating adventure!

(Meanwhile, why not send them your own suggestions on how to carry out their strategies or even new strategies you might consider as more efficient 🙂


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