“The Insider Guide to The Strategic Marketing of Translation Services” is out!

Do you remember? I’ve been carrying on about my upcoming book, “The Insider Guide to The Strategic Marketing of Translation Services” since the early days of “Translator Power

It’s out now!

(BTW, do you know I have been called “the hard-to-find marketing expert that does exactly what he teaches, and teaches exactly what he does, too!” ;-))

This short yet quite “meaty” Guide (85 fast-moving, action-packed pages) will allow you to get the basics of marketing your services.

In an easy-to-understand style – no geek stuff or marketese – it gives you a taste of the more complete and more detailed “Strategic Translation Services Marketing System” to be published later.

The Insider Guide to The Strategic Marketing of Translation Services” is the first (and only, so far) guide on the Planet covering the best ways to

  • strategically and proactively market your translation/interpreting services,
  • identify and dominate your niche,
  • turn your freelance translation practice into a highly profitable business,
  • quickly become a full-blown entrepreneur,
  • and then ultimately reach all your financial and life goals

The book gives you dozens of strategies, tactics and techniques – but more importantly it gives you the mindset and supreme self-confidence without which any knowledge or competency you may have is bound to prove sooner or later futile.

It adapts the general and well-known marketing principles and techniques to the specific situation of the translation profession… It does it “in style”, and it does much more than that!

Click here to download a preview of the book or, if you’re in a hurry, go straight to the real thing 🙂



P.S. Don’t worry about the price of this precious ebook: it’s much less than what you’d make translating ONE page or even… a HALF-PAGE, depending on your rate :-))

P.P.S. After you’ve read the book please come back here or go to the Network to tell us tell us what you think of this Guide, in what ways it has improved the marketing of your Translation/interpreting services, and how it has generally changed your life 😉

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2 Responses to “The Insider Guide to The Strategic Marketing of Translation Services” is out!

  1. traduc.ch says:

    Dear Mr. Sall

    I’ve downloaded your “Insider Guide to The Strategic Marketing of Translation Services” yesterday and wasn’t expecting too much because of my experiences with so called “Marketing Guides” available everywhere on the web.
    I was more than surprised, this file is just pure gold and by far the best download I ever made.
    I particularly like your broad approach including your thoughts on mindsets etc. and I can’t wait to read your next e-book you just have announced!

    Yours truly,

    R.R. Schutz
    German and Spanish translator


  2. Thank you very much indeed, R.R Shutz!

    It’s always very encouraging to have such uplifting testimonials. This motivates us to do still better next time 😉

    Muchísimas gracias!



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