Translator Experience Day – Disappointment, then Relief and “WOW!”

(Translator Experience Day (TED) last week: Sheila Anderson (German/English/German translator/interpreter) and her friend Valerie Chen (Chinese/English/Chinese translator/interpreter) have decided to launched an all-out assault on the Iron and Steel industry. Their friend Ron Wilkinson, an industry insider ageed to introduce them to at least 80 people on the list …)

Sheila and Val were slightly disappointed. They had asked “Translator Power” readers to “send them suggestions on how to carry out their strategies or even new strategies they might consider as more efficient.” They found it rather depressing that not a single one of “Translator Power“‘s thousands of readers had reacted.

“These translators are such as lethargic lot!” they thought

Val was looking at the “Translator Power” site. Suddenly she said quietly: “Hey, Sheila, the book is out!”

“The book? Which book is that?”

As soon as they learned that “The Insider Guide to The Strategic Marketing of Translation Services” was out, they rushed to the publisher’s site and bought one copy each.

They didn’t even bother to look at the Free Preview.

And they were not disappointed this time 🙂

They discovered “How to Position Yourself as THE Expert People in Your Target Market will Unhesitatingly Turn to on the Very First Occasion”

They learned everything about A.M.Sall’s 3A+ System, “Amsall’s new, revolutionary, play-to-win system which brings radical transformation not just to your business life, but more importantly to your whole life in general.” (pp. 31 to 38)

How to Avoid the “Commoditization” of Your Translation Services

How to Define, Identify, Select your “Ideal Client” and Charge As Much As You Want

How to Set your Goals, Strategies and Tactics

Create and Dominate Your Own Niche

Now segmenting and niche marketing held no more secrets for them (IG. pp. 19, 20), neither did USP, Adding Value, Elevator Speeches (pp. 24, 25)

Or setting strategic marketing, communication and financial goals (pp. 26,27)

Or coordinated multi-channel marketing (pp. 33, to 37)

Or PR (pp. 44 to 48)

Or Direct Mail, GTM CTM (pp.57 to 61)

They understood Why You Should not Merely Want to be ‘the Best of the Best’, but rather ‘the Only One who Does What You Do’

How to Learn the Basics of HTML and Build Your Own Clean and Functional Website in Less than a Week (‘elegant minimalism‘ is the name of the game!) or simply use a CMS platform (pp.66 to 71)

Now, they knew how to build a database of their clients and prospects, then work their list through follow up, so that they could build better profiles representing each segment which they would then laser target and turn into a permanent income-producer for themselves.

And when they got to “The World’s TOP 100 Resources that are Definitely Indispensable for any Translator/Interpreter who is Really Serious about Starting, Growing, and Profitably Marketing His/Her Business”, (pp.76 to 82), it was the apotheosis!

Many “WOW!s” later, and after going through the book for about 2 hours the 2 friends decided to write to A.M.Sall to ask him to raise the price of the book! All this for just $18.75! That was RIDICULOUS! The man was CRAZY!

(To be continued 🙂


P.S. We have turned the free 7-Part PR ecourse into a free downloadable PDF and all you have to do is visit this link and instantly download it!


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