Strategic Marketing of Translation Services – Do you know your market(s)?

Do you know your market(s)

I mean do you really, really know your market or markets?

Who are your (main) clients?

Translation Agencies?
Big corporations?
Not-for-profit? (Human Rights and Peace organizations, Foundations, NGOs …)
Government Agencies? (USAID, Eximbank, SIDA in Sweden, Development Agencies…)
International Organizations and Institutions? (UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO, World Bank, European Union, African Union…)
Academia? (Educational institutions, research institutes…)
Personal translations? (Birth Certificates, Diplomas, letters… Very short, usually less than 50 words but you can get a large volume of orders)

Who else…?

You must ask yourself these questions, put everything on the table and strategically decide to pick out a niche, dominate it and make it your own.

Once you have your type of client, look at industries.

Example: (If you are an English/German translator, but obviously this will work for any language pair)

Big Corporations

1. Legal and other business, English/German Translations for U.S-based Services Big Corporations exporting to Germany

You can subdivide your niche into mini-niches – based on specific markets: lawyers, accountants, etc and/or specialties: contracts, patents…

2. Medical, Pharmaceutical and Biotech English/German Translations for U.K.-based big pharmaceutical corporations exporting to Germany


3. IT English/German Translations for Irish-based SMBs/SMEs exporting to Germany

4. Travel and Tourism English/German Translations for Australia-based SMBs/SMEs (Tour Operators) organizing tours in Germany

We’ll develop this a bit further in our future posts. Meanwhile, enjoy the following resources:

For Big Corporations

Jill Konrath’s Selling to Big Companies
Bernadette Doyle’s How to Attract Corporate Clients


Anita Campbell’s How to Sell to Small Business Owners and SmallBizTrends

John Jantsch’s DuctTape Marketing

Have a cool time with your research and strategic marketing and restructuring


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