Translator Experience Day – “Iron and Steel” Campaign Results! (Part VII)

(Translator Experience Day (TED) last week: Sheila Anderson German/English/German translator/interpreter) and her friend Valerie Chen (Chinese/English/Chinese translator/interpreter) have decided to launched an all-out assault on the Iron and Steel industry. The compaign is coming to an end and here are the results the 2 friends got…See Parts I, II, III, IV, V, and VI)

Many of their own ideas were confirmed by the book and they also got many new ideas from it (Part V)

A reminder – Their first goal was: Build a list of 100 SMBs importing/exporting Steel products, working with China, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Austria (Part II)

Of the 100 SMBs, 45 were in Sheila’s LinkedIn network and 55 in Val’s. They were from 12 different States (Part III)

As you remember, out of 80 of his friends and/or colleagues they had on their list, Ron had agreed to introduce and recommend them to 65, either by email or by phone for those who were not in their State (65) and then to secure appointments for them with the 15 who were close enough, either in the State or in neighboring States (Part IV).

The remaining 20 they would contact themselves.

Eventually Val and Sheila refined their final objective to: 10 good clients immediately, and the rest to be followed up and converted later, because as all good marketers will tell you “It’s better to have 10 clients you know very well than 100 you hardly know: Once you have a handful of really good clients, cultivate and deepen your relationships. And then expand from there.”

Because of Ron’s help and their own exceptional networking skills, they went far beyond the measly Direct Mail industry averages (1 to 2%). They even got more than the 10% they had aimed for. A full quarter of Ron’s friends and colleagues (20) decided to give them work! A staggering 20%, on the whole!

Val got 11 (5 for China, 3 for Taiwan and 3 for Singapore), Sheila got 9 (4 for Germany, 3 for Switzerland and 2 for Austria)

As for expenses, they were literally ridiculous: postage, phone calls, short trips to meet a couple of Ron’s colleagues… They simply laughed it off!

The other 80 (potential clients) were to be followed up, relationships would be strengthened and sooner or later would produce more assignments.

Very soon, the 2 friends found that the “marketing” bit of their translation practice was more “interesting”, more “exciting” or, as Sheila would put it, more “creative” than the actual translating.

And would the next step be “Well… why not recruit freelancers to do the translating while we just edit and then focus on marketing?”


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