Translator, Network or Die!

“When the most important part of an industry becomes a commodity, that industry does not usually disappear, but its value migrates to another part of the industry” (O’Reilly)

As translation is fatally becoming a commodity, the value in the Translation/Localization industry is migrating to cross-cultural coaching, consulting, networking, relationship-building and managing. Now all you can do is use translators, or even machine translation, as your a commodity, as cheap labor, as your “beasts of burden”

The Translation/Localization industry will not disappear but the translator’s profession will be commoditized and demeaned.

Once Machine Translation reaches 90% accuracy, LSPs (Language Service Providers) will only need Projet Managers and a couple of high-level post-editors and proof-readers. Your job will soon be turned over to a machine if you don’t clearly show you can do better than a machine…

Long ago, the leaders of the translation industry were translators.

But already, the translation industry is no longer led by translators. Leadership has slowly but surely slipped out of the timid hands of translators. The industry leaders are no longer the translators but the marketers, great communicators, warm-hearted networkers, astute dealmakers (intermediaries, middlemen).

Those who know how to talk and communicate with clients will simply turn translators into (cheap labor) contract workers

Networking is the future of our industry.

Try to keep in close contact with the market, with INDIVIDUAL clients

Be a Master of Cross-cultural Mediation, a cross-cultural connector (C-Cubed)

Translators find it difficult to approach Big Corporations, so you turn yourself into a Big Corporation and join the Big Guys! Network with them, go to their places, speak their language, behave like them. Behave as an equal and you will be treated like an equal!

This is the only way out for us!

What do you say?


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