Marketing Education!

Based on Jason O’Connor’s article, a couple of Translator Power posts (Network or die and Use online business networking) and the links that follow, I invite you to spend the weekend getting a full-blown education on internet marketing (or maybe just brushing up ;-).

There are over 250 links (yes, that’s not a typo two hundred and fifty!), all on one single page titled: Best Internet Marketing Blog Posts of 2007 posted on Techipedia by Tamar Weinberg.

Truly huge, colossal, awe-inspiring!

As Tamar puts it: “This reading should set you back 12 months… until 2009.” And I will add: “This page will be continually updated by an endless stream of enthusiatic comments until December 31, 2008 thus keeping in perfect alignment with Seth Godin‘s Three U’s: Useful, Updated, Unique.”

Tamar is a real Goddess and I am her #1 worshipper 🙂 No wonder she made Forbes! Now, let me tell you this: Even if she had stopped at the “Social Media” section this post would still be “the best post of all times” as far as I’m concerned!

The page covers the following topics, among many others:

Social Media Sites (Facebook, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mixx,, Sphinn)

Social Media and Social Media Marketing

General Internet Marketing

Viral Strategies

Link Resources


Content Generation

Reputation Management

Video Articles


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Stuff

Web Development

Search Marketing Tools

Paid Search

Recommended Books

Affiliate Sites


And… I think I’ll throw in a coupla bonuses (Looks like Tamar Weinberg‘s… generosity is contagious :-):

An article in DOSHDOSH about Twitter.

17 Ways You Can Use Twitter: A Guide for Beginners, Marketers and Business Owners

Mack Collier‘s “The Viral Garden’s Top 25 Marketing Blogs – Week 90

Charles H. Green‘s “The Single Fastest Thing You Can Do to Increase Trust

Have a nice, studious weekend



P.S. Click here to download your copy of “The Insider Guide to The Strategic Marketing of Translation Services“, the book no translator/interpreter in his/her right mind should even think of going without :-). Or maybe you’d rather take a look at the Free Preview first? This is the book you’ve been waiting for so impatiently: it’s here NOW! So why wait any longer…!?


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