2 Awesome Marketing and Business Resources for You!

1. Freelance Folder is a multi-authored blog dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and freelancers. This blog is a real goldmine for anyone in the freelancing business, including freelance translators/interpreters.

Among the “gems” you’ll find in this post, aptly enough titled “Give your freelancing career a boost“, by Ritu B. Pant “a blogger who writes about blogging, technology and a lot of other things”:

  • A plan is a must if you want to grow and get more business
  • Build an effective strategy to target your clients.
  • A startling revelation: “The customer is not always right”!

In another article (“My Top 5 Biggest Freelancing Mistakes“), Chris Garrett, the famous freelance blogger and internet marketing consultant warns us against “under-pricing, over-committing, failing to sell, always saying ‘yes'” and “not following-up”

2. MarketingProfs, a must read for anyone who’s serious about marketing. Literally 1,000’s of resources, most of which you can read without going for “Premium Membership”. Anyway for today let’s start with “18 Strategies and Tools for Naming Your Business or Product

A comprehensive, well-researched article (like all “Marketing Profs” articles) where Scott Trimble tells us the best way to name your business (in our case your translation business, of course). It’s not as simple as you may have thought.

Go to the MarketingProfs site and look around, I’m sure you’ll like it. And don’t worry, the style is very clear, certainly not overly “professoral”, inspite of the name 🙂

Did you have any problem naming your translation business? Share your experience with us!



P.S. Click here to download your copy of “The Insider Guide to The Strategic Marketing of Translation Services“, the book no translator/interpreter in his/her right mind should even think of going without :-). Or maybe you’d rather take a look at the Free Preview first? This is the book you’ve been waiting for so impatiently: it’s here NOW. So why wait any longer…!?


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