How to Write a Press Release to Market Your Translation Services – PART II

Write a Press Release to Market Your Translation Services – PART II

C. How this News Release Conforms to the Above Requirements

LENGTH: 370 words

HEADLINE: “When in China Do as the Chinese Do”

SUBHEAD: elaborates on the “Cultural Flexibility” angle and names the target market


WHO: Chinese American translator, Valerie Chen

WHEN: Just

WHAT: launched a website


WHY: Because SMBs seem to find it a daunting task to do business in China

HOW: She does it by showcasing her deep and vast knowledge of Chinese culture

4. REMAINING PARAGRAPHS: Briefly give more details about the story

5. END: Includes a little information about the business owner and her business. Only info, no hype!

This is an example that is easily reproducible by any translator and/or interpreter, with any language combination. Try to copy it and adapt it to your own case. That should be child play for you now, don’t you think?



It could be possible to rewrite this News release from another angle, for example: “Small is beautiful”, insisting on similarities between Freelance translators and SMBs on the one hand and their differences with Big Businesses and Huge Translation Agencies on the other hand

The HEADLINE could be changed to: “Small is Beautiful”

SUBHEAD: Freelance translators and SMBs are a perfect fit to unlock the door to success on the China marketplace

All the rest of the News Release remaining the same, including the LEAD PARAGRAPH

Can you find OTHER possible angles?


End of Part II.

Part III’s title is: “You have written your Press Release, what now?.” Here is where you learn how to get your News Release published and also how to write a “pitch letter”. You’ll also get another Action Plan… (in 2 days’ time)

Note: This is a (slightly adapted) short excerpt from “The Insider Guide to the Strategic Marketing of Translation Services”. (Click here for Free Preview)


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    Thanks that’s very useful article.


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