How to Write a Press Release to Market Your Translation Services – PART III

Write a Press Release to Market Your Translation Services – PART III

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E. You have written your Press Release, what now?

You try to get it published or distributed for publishing. It’s not as difficult as you might think!

Here is what you can do:

1. Submit it to online PR services such as PRWeb, 25-7 pr, PR Leap, The Open Press, PressBox, PRFree, and lots of others. Just go to Google…

Most of these are free of charge (unfortunately PRWeb is no longer free), with a possibility to upgrade or make a donation to get a better service. But even the free service can be quite good and get you thousands of potential clients. You can always start with those since you have nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain!

Using online press release services is one of the most powerful ways to almost instantly drive hundreds or even thousands of potential targeted clients to your new service, web site or blog

Only a few hours after your press release has been distributed over the Internet it could be picked up by some of the major online news networks like Google News and Yahoo News.

And then within days or just a few weeks it will begin to show up in the results of the major search engines.

It is simply impossible to achieve so much publicity for so little effort anywhere else.

2. Send it to PR distributors such as PR Newswire, Eworldwire, Majon, Major Newswire, Emailwire, WebwireSubmit Express

They send it to the media for you, generally NOT for free 🙂

3. Contact the media directly: all you have to do is learn how to write a convincing pitch letter

A great resource for finding appropriate places to send press releases is Mediafinder. This site can be searched under numerous different subject areas, geographic locations, etc. It provides Web site addresses, e-mail contacts and media kit details.

F. The Pitch Letter

What is a Pitch Letter and How to Write it

It’s a short letter you write to the journalist (editor) to persuade him to read the attached press release.

Unlike the press release, which is written in third person, the pitch letter is written in second person, to allow for direct communication between the publicist (you) and the journalist. It’s an opportunity to pique interest, form a relationship and persuade.

Always begin it with a striking opening that immediately alerts the journalist to an interesting story possibility

Key elements of a great pitch

– A compelling subject line (don’t try to be cute)

– Short: No more than one screen of type

– Mentioning a specific section of the newspaper or magazine, or a specific part of a TV or radio show, where your story would be a good fit. This shows them you are familiar with what they cover.

– Just enough information about the story so that journalists want more.

– Why people should care or why the story is important. (Quote statistics or mention a trend.)

– The little “extras” that will score you points such as offering photos or information for graphics. Or letting journalists know you can provide names and contact information of other people who they can interview.

– No attachments. But you can link to a website where they can find more information.

– No mass emails. Send separate emails to each journalist and address them by name. And here is my email to illustrate these points:

SUBJECT: Story idea: In China, business people should not be uncultured

Hi Jane,

Everyone’s talking about selling in China these days, from Microsoft to the neighborhood extra-small business but it seems many people do not care much about the culture side of it

I have something here that might interest your readers. It’s about the most cultural of all business websites on China

This story would be a perfect fit for the “Cultural News” section in this week’s SMB Weekly

You can call me at xxx-yyy-abcd or on my cell phone at xxx-efg-hijk



Write a Pitch Letter for the News Release in Part I to the editor of a Trade Journal for SMBs


Note: This is a (slightly adapted) short excerpt from “The Insider Guide to the Strategic Marketing of Translation Services”. (Click here for Free Preview)


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