Marketing Your Translation Services with Ads – General Observations

As in all marketing and communication activities, the cornerstone here is: “Know Your Target Market”, which of course includes knowing WHO they are, WHERE they meet (both online and offline), WHAT media they use (newspapers, magazine, radio, TV, online social media…), ideally everything about them.

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Then there are 4 questions you have to answer:

How to advertise,

When to advertise,

Where to advertise

How much will it be? (Can I afford it?)

The first 3 questions (variables: headlines, call to action, style, time, medium, etc.) can only be answered through testing and tracking: try different variables and test the results generated from each.

Track i.e. find out where your client saw your ad or how they heard about your business (your services): this is how you will know which medium is the best (brings you the highest response rate), learn what is working well or not working at all. Do not rely on your intuition or your gut instinct

Test: If the variable used brings in more money than what you spent, then you can repeat the ad (i.e. you get clients who pay you more than what the ad cost you). If this is not the case, just forget about the ad or change the variable and re-test, until you get what you want i.e. more money than you spent. As you can see, this requires patience and persistence.

Regarding the 4th question it can best be answered by starting small and slowly increasing your investment into the media and the messages:

Test all of your advertising materials in smaller markets before moving out full sails.

Use either print ads (classifieds in the business section of your local newspaper and magazine, newsletters, trade press, Yellow Pages, etc) or online ads (PPC, Yellow Pages, classifieds and/or solo in websites, ezines i.e. electronic newsletters, email in general), or radio, TV (cable is much cheaper), etc.

In another post, we’ll talk about how you write your ad.

Do you use ads to market your translation/interpreting services?

If so, how successful have you been?

If no, why not?

Share your advertising experiences with us!


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