“Obama’s Election Means … More Translation Work!”

The Audacity of Hope

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Believe it or not Barack Obama‘s election as President of the USA means more work for translators/interpreters!

This is not based on any Harvard study, or AMA research, or high-falutin’ statistics. It’s simple, commonsense, down-to-earth KLT marketing.

As we all know, (or should know) people usually prefer to buy from those they know, like and trust (KLT). And we are talking about the US selling abroad here.

The vast majority of the people in this world are “non-whites” and will find it very easy to identify with Barack Obama. Identifying wth somebody is certainly the highest form of KLT!

Look at this: VIDEO: Obama Celebrations Around World

And this: Obama Wins; The World Responds: In China “Opinion polls indicated two-thirds of Chinese people favored Obama, believing his racial background would give him a more international outlook.” But even ‘Old Europe’ has joined the chorus: “Europeans rejoiced over Obama’s election after eight years of an extremely unpopular Bush presidency.”

Finally this: Barack Obama has captivated the world

Of course Barack Obama is neither a Small Business owner nor a corporate CEO. He won’t be doing the exporting himself. But as President of the USA, his positive personal image is bound impact the whole country’s image. Awesome KLT!

So, all this will result in a huge boost to US exports, therefore to more translation work. Q.E.D. 🙂

Translators/interpreters, are you ready for a new Gold Rush?


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