Lodging & Dining « Delta Safari International

In Senegal, Lodge and Dine with Delta Safari International

  • We book faster, and this makes you save time
  • We guarantee availability
  • Our huge hotel portfolio: instead of you calling hotels for bookings and reservations, we can instantly tell you which one is available, compare prices, all this in a human, not overly technological way
  • Rooms, Senior Suites, Junior Suites, Bungalows, Traditional Lodging (Huts), Moorish Tents, Apartments, Vacation Rentals
  • The Average Daily Rate for Hotels is $150 in Hawaii, $ 161 in the Dominican Republic, $235 in the Bahamas, $184 in Cancun. And I’m not telling you about New York, London, Paris. But do you know the Average Daily Rate for Hotels in Saint-Louis, Senegal? A mere… $50! Incredible, yet true

  • Culinary Tourism: Traditional dishes, Awesome dining experience – get a taste of Senegalese culture through its cuisine


Book you Hotel reservation with Delta Safari International, it’s much cheaper, because of the special relationships we’ve been able to build with local suppliers!




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This is the new website for Saint-Louis Senegal-based “Delta Safari International” Tour Operator.

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