Tip for marketers: English isn’t everyone’s first language

There are 54.1 million Hispanics in the United States. That’s 17% of the population. Back in 1970, they made up only 2% of the population which makes them one of the fastest growing racial /ethnic groups in America.Our-Life-300x181 Of that 54.1 million, 35 million speak Spanish at home and 38% say Spanish is their dominant language. But in a recent survey of senior-level content marketers, 49% said they never translate English marketing content into Spanish. It’s one thing to speak only English here at home, but that same survey from Smartling reveals that 70% of marketers use only English-language content even when they’re marking outside of the United States. How big of a problem is this? Honestly, it varies. 63% of those surveyed said that between six and 50 percent of their customers are located outside of the US. (Read on! )

Your comments?

Amadou M. Sall

About translatorpower

The Cross-cultural Connector, The Global Mindset Advocate
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