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“Translator Power” is on LifeHack’s “20 Great Resources on Entrepreneurship” List!

Do you know your favorite blog (Translator Power, of course 🙂 has made LifeHack‘s “20 Great Resources on Entrepreneurship” list. Writes “LifeHack”: “This list is a compilation of the best web resources for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.” In … Continue reading

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From Freelancer to Entrepreneur – How I Did it

I was just like many other freelance translators Got all my jobs through networking and referrals, for many years (did I mention I’ve been “in the trenches” since 1972!) I didn’t “market”, didn’t even know it was really necessary That … Continue reading

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Freelance Translators – How to Easily Beat the “Feast and Famine” Syndrome

(Here is one of my recent articles as it was published) Freelance Translators – How to Easily Beat the “Feast and Famine” Syndrome It is a well know fact that translators in general and more particularly freelance translators are the … Continue reading

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