A.M.Sall here

30+ year Professional Translator, Marketing and Global Communication Coach and Consultant, Success Mindset Philosopher.

The First and Only (so far) World Expert on the Marketing of Translation Services!

A.M.Sall has over 30 years of professional translation experience, with a strong background in marketing and communication.

He started off in life as a language teacher (French/English), then worked in the Diplomatic Corps (Counsellor at the Senegal Embassy, London)

As a professional translator, marketer and cross-cultural communication coach/consultant, he is used to moving from language to language, from culture to culture and from sub-culture to sub-culture.

He is an experienced web publisher (blogs and multiple websites) as well as an enthusiastic networker present on over… 100 social and business networking sites.

He has published a book titled “The Insider Guide to the Strategic Marketing of Translation Services“, as well as numerous articles on various subjects and is now working on “The Global Player (formerly LinguaTrends) Project”, Reflections and Conversations at the Confluence of Culture, Communication and Technology on the Global Scene – Acquiring and Cultivating the Global Mindset.

Contact: amsallcom at gmail.com

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  1. Of course!

    I am on Facebook, I believe I am in your group there.

    on Linkedin:


    By the way, how do you add these bookmark stuff. It didn´t have these widgets. But i am considering moving our blog out of wordpress and put in our servers so i would prevent from having the hassle of moving them all. We shall see. Gotta talk to my guys about that. I also updated our WHO WE ARE so if there is anything i can help you with, let me know.


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  3. Thank you for reblogging my post Memory and Language – https://piedaterrecopenhagen.wordpress.com/2014/10/03/memory-and-language/ – I had a great spike in readership following your reblog. Thinking about your profession as a translator, at this point I think there are some meanings that are so anchored in culture that they simply cannot be translated – just like a writer can never hope to transpose exactly what they see and feel to their reader: there is always a filter – cultural, languagewise, experiential – is there not?


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