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Global Watchtower’s Predictions for 2010: Globalization Technology, Services, and Business Models

Commonsense Advisory brings you its Predictions for 2010 in Global Watchtower The winter solstice is drawing near in the northern hemisphere, so that means it’s time for our annual predictions about the language industry. Here’s what we think will happen … Continue reading

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Continued Stability in US $12 Billion-plus Translation Industry

Image via Wikipedia The dollar is falling, but globalization presses on – with an increased demand for translation. read more | digg story A.M.Sall P.S. Click here to download your copy of “The Insider Guide to The Strategic Marketing of … Continue reading

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Translation Industry News

Image via Wikipedia A very interesting article on the translation industry. I particularly liked this bit: “It’s a good business these days with everything going global,” explains Lori Ann Elzerman, founder of Expert Language Services in Rochester Hills (Michigan, USA). … Continue reading

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How to Sell Overseas

Image by ~Terrie K ~ via Flickr Do you remember this Translator Power post and this one, and also this one? Now, check out this article in Business Weekk to confirm all that and act consequently: “If you aren’t selling … Continue reading

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Globalization is Here to Stay and the Future of Translation is Bright!

Globalization is definitely here to stay. Always be poised to seize new opportunities as they spring. The interactive world is going more and more global. Says Rohit Bhargava of Social Media Optimization (SMO) fame: “Ad-Tech is one of the biggest … Continue reading

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Globalization, France, “Chindia Revolution”, etc. – An Endless Stream of New Opportunities for Translators!

France According to Forbes “Another way the French economy is keeping up with the 21st century is by opening its doors to foreign investors–and businesses are entering eagerly. Major corporations such as the British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (nyse: GSK – … Continue reading

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How SMBs Can Turn Going-global into a Rich Communication Experience

One way to avoid the “commoditization” of your translation services, is to “add value”, for example by presenting yourself not just as a translator but as a “strategic global communication consultant”. Obviously, you have to live up to your new … Continue reading

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GILT-Internationalization, a right-brainer approach

As a translator, i.e. a member of the GILT crowd, you must know what it is all about In GILT literature, you will encounter the following: G11n, I18n, and L10n. They simply mean Globalization, Internationalization, and Localization respectively, taking the … Continue reading

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Globalization and Civilization

The “unsung heroes of Globalization” or Civilization would have been impossible without translation Do you know who you are? Do you realize that without you civilization would have been impossible? The Ancient Greeks TRANSLATED Ancient Egyptian science (mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, … Continue reading

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