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Remember the “Decimation” post here, back in May 2007? Now take a look at this terrible tale of ingratitude from Matthew Bennett‘s blog. What do you think of the way Britain treats our colleagues? A.M.Sall P.S. Click here to download … Continue reading

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Will There Still Be Any Translators/Interpreters Left in 2107?

Now, let’s face. In about one century (early 22nd Century), our profession will probably be obsolete (shudder 🙂. It will all start with scientific translations (the more “scientific” a text, the easier it is for a machine to translate). But … Continue reading

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Top 20 Translation Companies

Commonsense Advisory’s Annual “Ranking of Top 20 Translation Companies“ is out. Regarding the methodology used, the authors Renato Beninatto and Donald A. DePalma write: “The guiding principle for which LSPs (Language Service Providers) we consider for this year’s Top 20 … Continue reading

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N. de T. or How to Make Translators Feel at Home!

I’ve spent a lot of quality time with my friends at the N. de T. Forum in the last few days. It’s a fascinating place. Translators and interpreters form a vibrant and engaging community under the able and tender stewardship … Continue reading

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Chinese Translations

If you are a Chinese/English and/or English/Chinese translator/interpreter, you would be well-advised to take a look at the China Herald blog thus described by its owner:  “Weblog with daily updates of the news on a harmonious, socialist society, from the perspective … Continue reading

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Translators and Interpreters, Marketing is More Essential than Ever!

Here you can expect to find ANYTHING concerning translators, translation, interpreters and interpreting, in particular how best to market your services, as well as language in general Frequent entries on the art and science of translation, new ideas, thoughts and … Continue reading

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