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Memory and language

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Do I recall this differently in Danish and English? Moreton Island with my sister and childhood friend – obviously a lot of Danish was spoken. Photo: Mick. 1992. When my father was dying I started…

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“Linguistically-aware Leadership”

Image via Wikipedia Remember my post on Obama and more translation work? Commonsense Advisory’s Global Watchtower blog’s latest issue brings us a post titled “Early Signs of Linguistically-Aware Leadership” There is a good attempt to answer the question: “How will … Continue reading

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Translator Power Paradox or The Translator’s Hidden Powers

The translator’s power lies in latency This is just a fancy way of saying that a good translation must not read like… a translation The translator is only powerful when he/she disappears and his/her motto should be: the more inconspicuous, … Continue reading

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Translators and Interpreters, Marketing is More Essential than Ever!

Here you can expect to find ANYTHING concerning translators, translation, interpreters and interpreting, in particular how best to market your services, as well as language in general Frequent entries on the art and science of translation, new ideas, thoughts and … Continue reading

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