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Man vs. Machine: The Direction of Machine Translation and Questions on Its Implications

Originally posted on Translator's Digest:
Machine translation (MT) is not the new kid on the block. It dates back to to about ~1950. But though translators have (somewhat hopelessly) been arguing about the pros and cons of MT for…

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Translator Power News!

Some news about the Translator Power Network: 1. I have created the “Translator Power group” on Facebook. I invite  you to go there (click the link), join the group and meet fellow translators/interpreters to discuss issues regarding our profession and … Continue reading

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Machine Translation – A New Convert :-)

Machine Translation, in particular in the form of free online translations, has been one of the favorite translators’ jokes for quite some time. But things are changing now, and after many years of ignorance, then scepticism of MT, I must … Continue reading

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Translator, Network or Die!

“When the most important part of an industry becomes a commodity, that industry does not usually disappear, but its value migrates to another part of the industry” (O’Reilly) As translation is fatally becoming a commodity, the value in the Translation/Localization … Continue reading

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Should translators feel threatened by Machine Translation?

Do you think our job will soon be taken over by Machine Translation? Check out this interesting article by Fons Tuinstra, a journalit based in China : “Is Google Sending the Translators Home?”  

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