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“Linguistically-aware Leadership”

Image via Wikipedia Remember my post on Obama and more translation work? Commonsense Advisory’s Global Watchtower blog’s latest issue brings us a post titled “Early Signs of Linguistically-Aware Leadership” There is a good attempt to answer the question: “How will … Continue reading

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Translation Industry News

Image via Wikipedia A very interesting article on the translation industry. I particularly liked this bit: “It’s a good business these days with everything going global,” explains Lori Ann Elzerman, founder of Expert Language Services in Rochester Hills (Michigan, USA). … Continue reading

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Opportunities Galore!

Check out this article in Mark Micheau’s Translation People website. I bet the title will bring a smile to you face and brighten your “Monday morning blues” outlook. It goes: “Tsunami-like Opportunities for Translators“! It’s a rather general article on … Continue reading

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Translator Power is 6 Months Old!

Translator Power is 6 months old. As you know, our tagline is: “Empowering Translators: From Freelancer to Entrepreneur – Opportunities, Marketing, Resources” Quite a mouthful, really 😉 This tagline gives us focus. And we always try to make sure we … Continue reading

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Current Global Marketplace Trends Open up New Opportunities for Translators!

Have you been watching trends on the global scene lately? If you are a medical/pharmaceutical translator/interpreters, you should be all smiles! About Asia (China, Singapore, South Korea), check out this article Obviously this is not just for people who use … Continue reading

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Proactive and Strategic Translation Service Marketing – How to Read the News

Like anyone else, you read the news, just to be informed, to know what’s going on both locally, nationally, and I hope, internationally. OK, it’s good to be well-informed, but what use is it? There is nothing wrong with being … Continue reading

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Globalization, France, “Chindia Revolution”, etc. – An Endless Stream of New Opportunities for Translators!

France According to Forbes “Another way the French economy is keeping up with the 21st century is by opening its doors to foreign investors–and businesses are entering eagerly. Major corporations such as the British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (nyse: GSK – … Continue reading

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