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Translator, Network or Die!

“When the most important part of an industry becomes a commodity, that industry does not usually disappear, but its value migrates to another part of the industry” (O’Reilly) As translation is fatally becoming a commodity, the value in the Translation/Localization … Continue reading

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Translator Experience Day – Disappointment, then Relief and “WOW!”

(Translator Experience Day (TED) last week: Sheila Anderson (German/English/German translator/interpreter) and her friend Valerie Chen (Chinese/English/Chinese translator/interpreter) have decided to launched an all-out assault on the Iron and Steel industry. Their friend Ron Wilkinson, an industry insider ageed to introduce … Continue reading

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Translator Power is Expanding – Have You Tried These Two?

Have you been to Amsall’s Translator Power Network and Amsall’s Translator Power News Insider? Well, these are both companions to this blog. And you can start using them, even though they are not completely “ready”. For example, you can go … Continue reading

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The Lonesome Expert’s Ballad!

Help! I feel lonely and I need some company! I am the First and Only Expert on the Marketing of Translation Services! I’ve been a professional translator for 35 years (since 1972!) so you can believe me when I tell … Continue reading

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Will There Still Be Any Translators/Interpreters Left in 2107?

Now, let’s face. In about one century (early 22nd Century), our profession will probably be obsolete (shudder 🙂. It will all start with scientific translations (the more “scientific” a text, the easier it is for a machine to translate). But … Continue reading

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Current Global Marketplace Trends Open up New Opportunities for Translators!

Have you been watching trends on the global scene lately? If you are a medical/pharmaceutical translator/interpreters, you should be all smiles! About Asia (China, Singapore, South Korea), check out this article Obviously this is not just for people who use … Continue reading

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N. de T. or How to Make Translators Feel at Home!

I’ve spent a lot of quality time with my friends at the N. de T. Forum in the last few days. It’s a fascinating place. Translators and interpreters form a vibrant and engaging community under the able and tender stewardship … Continue reading

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