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Globalization, France, “Chindia Revolution”, etc. – An Endless Stream of New Opportunities for Translators!

France According to Forbes “Another way the French economy is keeping up with the 21st century is by opening its doors to foreign investors–and businesses are entering eagerly. Major corporations such as the British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (nyse: GSK – … Continue reading

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Translators Are Natural Marketers – but they Don’t Know it!

Here is something you probably never even suspected: as a translator, you are also a language (or words) expert, and marketing is essentially a way of using language (or words) to persuade people to take action and because of this, … Continue reading

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Should translators feel threatened by Machine Translation?

Do you think our job will soon be taken over by Machine Translation? Check out this interesting article by Fons Tuinstra, a journalit based in China : “Is Google Sending the Translators Home?”  

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From Freelancer to Entrepreneur – How I Did it

I was just like many other freelance translators Got all my jobs through networking and referrals, for many years (did I mention I’ve been “in the trenches” since 1972!) I didn’t “market”, didn’t even know it was really necessary That … Continue reading

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Freelance Translators – How to Easily Beat the “Feast and Famine” Syndrome

(Here is one of my recent articles as it was published) Freelance Translators – How to Easily Beat the “Feast and Famine” Syndrome It is a well know fact that translators in general and more particularly freelance translators are the … Continue reading

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Globalization and Civilization

The “unsung heroes of Globalization” or Civilization would have been impossible without translation Do you know who you are? Do you realize that without you civilization would have been impossible? The Ancient Greeks TRANSLATED Ancient Egyptian science (mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, … Continue reading

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Translators and Interpreters, Marketing is More Essential than Ever!

Here you can expect to find ANYTHING concerning translators, translation, interpreters and interpreting, in particular how best to market your services, as well as language in general Frequent entries on the art and science of translation, new ideas, thoughts and … Continue reading

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