PR For Translators

Thank you very much for down loading this Free “Special Report on How to Market Your Translation Services through Press Releases“. Enjoy!


Right click on the link and click “Save as”

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10 Responses to PR For Translators

  1. Evening, would be a great resource for your site as well.
    Also, how may I include the continuing education for translators at on your list of translator resources?


  2. I think Quality Translation Services would make an excellent addition to your resources 🙂

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  3. Aaron Carter says:

    Translation topic is always interesting to discuss and new companies can be found everywhere. Feel free to check E-Translate. I think it will be good addition to your list.


  4. Hi Amadou!!
    Hope you’re well. Getting in touch to suggest a brilliant site to your Translation Agencies/Companies list. Here it is: Robertson Languages.

    Many thanks!


  5. patrickseifried says:

    Dear Amadou,

    guess you created a very great site with providing a selected translation agency list. Would be delighted if I am allowed to recommend a nice swiss translation agency. Please visit and probably add – the right word in any language.

    Best wishes,


  6. Dear Amadou, I’ve just come across your blog and noticed that my website (NYA Communications) is listed, so first of all thank you very much! However, I noticed that it is listed under ‘Translation Agencies/Companies’, but I’m a freelance translator and not an agency. So for the sake of accuracy, would you mind moving it to the ‘Translators’ Websites’ category when you get the chance, please? Thank you very much, and thanks again for the mention! Nicole


  7. Masha Gudina says:

    Hope you’re well. Getting in touch to suggest a great site to your Translation Agencies/Companies list. Here it is: LITTERA

    Many thanks!


  8. Masha Gudina says:

    Here is the correct LITTERA


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