Global Communication or Why are Freelance Translators Generally so Introvert, Unassuming?

Global Communication or Why are freelance translators generally so introvert, unassuming?

Is it because they spend so much time with other people’s thoughts and words that they no longer have thoughts and words of their own?

(With literary translators, specially poetry translators, one can even add “emotions” of their own)

They seem to live borrowed lives. They live secondhand because the thoughts, words, emotions they use in their work have already been used by those who originated them in the first place

Wake up, friend, stop being introvert and unassuming

Market yourself, let the whole worlds know who you are

Know thyself!

But first, YOU must know who you are: later, we’ll talk about knowing oneself (ever heard about Old Socrates 🙂

For the time being, just note the following:

You are a Global Communicator

Your mission is to enable and/or facilitate first-class Global Communication

Your playground is the Global Scene

Your marketplace is the Whole Wide World, and…

The Sky’s the limit!

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